Miscellaneous Updates

A few updates I thought I’d share as a blog post for those not inclined to go delving into the murky depths of my site.

  1. The ‘blurb’ for The Path of Duty (Siobhan Dunmoore – Book 2) has been posted on the book’s page https://ericthomsonblog.wordpress.com/books-by-eric-thomson-2/the-path-of-duty-siobhan-dunmoore-book-2/
  2. You may have noticed that the Zack Decker story Death Comes But Once is now the first book in a series called Decker’s War.  The Amazon product sites have been changed to reflect this.
  3. The ‘blurb’ and cover for Cold Comfort (Decker’s War – Book 2) has been posted on the book’s page https://ericthomsonblog.wordpress.com/books-by-eric-thomson-2/cold-comfort-deckers-war-book-2/
  4. The publication of Death Comes But Once in paperback has finally occurred!  It is the new edition, with all the editorial changes that were recommended, and matches the ebook version.
  5. For those who care about world building notes, I’ve added background on the Shrehari Empire to the Political Structures page and some background for the Decker’s War series on The Marines of Decker’s War page.  As I may have mentioned before these info dumps are as much a means for me to put much of the data required to maintain continuity between books in one place as it is to inform readers who enjoy being sucked into an info vortex.

I expect that the first re-write of The Path of Duty will be done by early May, at which point it goes into my editor’s hands for the red pencil treatment.  When that occurs, I’ll work on the first draft of Cold Comfort, whose opening chapter has already been written.


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