Onwards We Go

Since the publication of The Path of Duty (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 2) earlier this week, I’ve been toying with story ideas for Book 3.  I already know how it ends, seeing as how I intend a change in her career trajectory, but I had only vague ideas about how we get there.  Seemingly overnight, a story line has emerged in my ever fertile imagination, and I put down the first 4,700 words today.  I think I’ll be working on the second Decker’s War book in alternation with the third Dunmoore book over the next few months, as inspiration and ideas grab me, but I think we can’t expect Dunmoore Book 3 until 2016.  So far, Book 2 seems to have been well received, if sales are any indication, so that’s encouraging me to get going on the next one.

Enjoy the weekend.  Summer’s almost half-way through (or winter for my readers in the southern hemisphere).



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2 responses to “Onwards We Go

  1. phil dent

    Just loved the first two dunmoore books. Thank you for you hard work in bringing these to life. I eagerly look forward number three!


  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your kind words. It’s pretty humbling to find out folks are enjoying my scribblings. I’ll be putting in a lot of hours on Number Three over the next few weeks/months, and hopefully when it’s done, you’ll find it as enjoyable as the first two.




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