Snowy Hypnotics

I’m not a big fan of winter at the best of times but I admit there’s something hypnotic about watching fat snowflakes come down in thick drifts.  We’re due to get around 40 centimetres (about 15 inches) today and it’s been coming down non-stop since before dawn, so for once I can believe the forecasters.  They’re saying it’ll end up being the biggest snowfall we’ve had around here in a single day since 1954!

There’s already enough white stuff on my pickup truck to make it look like a mound of snow with blue sides (a picture is in my Facebook feed if you’re interested).  The neighbour’s Prius is completely covered.

Sadly, the hypnotism of falling snow is a distraction when I’m trying to write.  My back is to the office window when I’m at my computer, but I’ve found myself turning around constantly to stare out at Old Man Winter doing what he does best.  I’m definitely happy that I’m not experiencing the commute which, based on the reports I hear from the radio, is very ugly.  Needless to say, progress on Decker’s War 3 today has been less than stellar, although since I’m already a third done on a book that’ll come in at around 350 pages, I’m doing good for something I started only a few weeks ago, and I’m sure I’ll be doing some more writing once Mrs Thomson and the dog are sound asleep.


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