Technology Marches On

The digital universe is a wondrous thing, evolving at the speed of thought. Four years ago, I didn’t even know I had a way to get my books in front of readers without hunting for an agent, and by now I’ve published ten novels with more to come. Keeping up with the many options out there to get my work in front of readers isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’ve expanded my market well beyond Amazon in the three years since my first novel was published.

Today marks the beginning of a new experiment. I’ve added my own storefront to the mix. You can now buy my books from me directly, via a business partner called Payhip who handles the transactions on my behalf instead of going through the big retailers. One of the advantages of selling directly is my ability to offer discounts, something I cannot easily do via retailers. And to underline the opening of my storefront, my books can be purchased at 25% off the retail price by entering the coupon code THOMSON when you check out. At this time, payment can only be made via PayPal, but that too might change in the future. You can find more details here:

And in other news, I’m now 1/3 done with the first draft of No Remorse (Decker’s War #6). Things are going well enough that a late winter or early spring publication is in the cards.



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2 responses to “Technology Marches On

  1. Jim Ellsworth

    Next book I will giv e it a try. I m up to date on everything else.
    Thanks for trying something new.
    Jim Ellsworth


  2. Gotta stay ahead of the curve!


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