Black Sword (Decker’s War – Book 5)

Naval intelligence and special operations officers have been quietly vanishing without a trace while the missions undertaken by Major Zack Decker and Commander Hera Talyn fail one after the other. When they experience yet another near miss with death due to betrayal, Decker can only conclude that some dark forces are at work, forces removing anyone who becomes a threat to their project of undermining the Commonwealth and the existing political order.  When he finds evidence that at least one of those presumed to have been eliminated might still be alive and held in one of the Commonwealth’s notorious prison colonies on far away Parth, he knows retrieving the missing officer might be the only way they’ll get any clues about what has been happening to their colleagues and friends.  And so, in typical Decker style, he plunges headlong into a mission that will put him face-to-face with humanity’s worst instincts, but the prize at the end of his ordeal is uncovering the traitors within the ranks of the Fleet, perhaps even within the ranks of naval intelligence itself.  With the Commonwealth’s future at stake, no sacrifice is too big and no peril too great.

Coming Late Summer – Early Autumn 2017