Cold Comfort (Decker’s War – Book 2)

decker2-ebookSome people never learn that it’s a really bad idea to mess with a Marine Pathfinder, even one who’s been involuntarily retired.  Zack Decker just wanted to be left alone so he could live a quiet life with the woman he loved more than anything else and make up for lost time, but his enemies simply couldn’t resist the temptation to pursue their vendetta.  One moment, he was hauling cargo across the depths of interstellar space, the next he was in the hands of pirates and headed for the barbaric worlds beyond the Coalsack nebula, to be sold into captivity.  Marines don’t make good slaves and Zack was more than happy to show everyone why he should have been killed straight away, because he was coming back, looking for blood.  Revenge might be cold comfort, but he would remind them once again that he was still one of the Few…

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